PolyBiotics - Inositol Blend Designed with PCOS in Mind

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"Having PCOS doesn't mean that your mornings have to look like this!"

Dr.Amina Hersi - Founder, living with PCOS

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Since taking Inositol Infusion I've now had 3 regular 32 day cycles. Such an easy change to make and such a great result already...And now I never forget to take my Vitamin D cos it's all in there!!!



OK, so first up the ridiculously speedy delivery, arrived next day!

From someone who was taking up to 10 tablets a day these have completely changed my life! The money I've saved, the organisation I no longer have to do. My energy levels have improved and not to mention my skin! 
But by far the biggest reason I will never stop taking these.. 
I have not had a period for 9 months, 2 weeks of taking this and I had a full on cramping, miserable period and I couldn't be more thrilled about it!


It is really helping my PCOS symptoms so far, my skin's been a lot better and no side effects like I was with Metformin. I am so grateful it's all in one tablet and I don't have to take them separately


It's an all in one, I was taking all of these ingredients on an individual basis, these things aren't cheap.

I'm so happy this has all the recommended amounts in one product. I'm not rattling anymore.

I was taking another brand of inositol (inofolic) and I am having the same benefits & it is of the same calibre.

A big plus - it is easy on the stomach!


I got my first natural period!!! After taking your supplement. I was on the pill and had not had a period for 5 months.

(part of focus group)


since taking the pills I feel as if my pains in my feet and lower legs have decreased 👏🏻 otherwise I used to struggle especially in the mornings ..


Loving these supplements atm and love that you're a doctor who knows the struggle of having PCOS! Happy Customer right here <3


2 weeks of taking these, such good benefits especially if you have PCOS like me.


My experience so far...

* I am less bloated after eating certain foods

* Nowhere near as tired and lethargic as I was before taking these

* My weightloss/metabolism has improved



Giving back

At PolyBiotics we want to give back to the community

we pledge to donate £1 for every bottle sold to a variety of charities including those that support PCOS awareness and research, Groups that provide support networks for people with PCOS and world wide humanitarian projects. We will share more about where this money goes in our annual report.